Developer Documentation


How to install and run FOSSLight.

Download FOSSLight Source

Clone the FOSSLight repository.

How to install - 1

Build and run using Docker.


  1. Docker
  2. Docker Compose

Build and run

docker-compose up --build

Set up the mail server

  1. Go to Configuration menu.
  2. Check the SMTP Setting check box.
  3. Enter the mail server information and save.
    Mail Server : fosslight_mail
    Email Address :
    Port : 587
    Encoding : UTF-8
    Username :
    Password : fosslight
  4. Restart Web server.
    docker-compose restart fosslight_web

How to install - 2


  • Java 1.8 or higher
  • MariaDB (10.0 or higher) or MySql (5.6 or higher)
  • Memory : 8GB+

Development environment

Download & Installation

  1. Install Java. :
  2. Download a DDL file. : fosslight_create.sql
  3. Install MariaDB or Mysql. :
  4. Create a database and initialize data.
    mysql -u root -p < fosslight_create.sql

    If the database already exists or if you want to change the database name, change ‘fosslight' statement at the top.

    mysql -u root -p <DATABASE_NAME> < fosslight_create.sql

    Delete (or change) the CREATE USER and GRANT parts if the connection account already exists or if a different account is used.

IDE Configuration

Download Spring Tool Suite.

Project Import

※ Based on STS (Spring Tool suite) 4.x

  1. Install lombok. :
  2. File > Import > Gradle > Existing Gradle Project
  3. Set up and import the Git Source Directory.
  4. Set to UTF-8 in Project> Properties> Resource> Text file encoding.

How to run

Change the running options.

Change running options in file.

  • server.port=8180 : Web server port (In case of 8180, http://localhost:8180)
  • spring.datasource.url= : Set the IP, Port, and Database Name of the DB server where FOSSLight Database is installed.
  • spring.datasource.username=fosslight : Database username.
  • spring.datasource.password=fosslight : Database password.
  • logging.path=./logs : Set log file path. ( Default "./logs" means an application execution path.)
  • logging.file=fosslight : The name of the log file. (Ref. logback-spring.xml)
  • root.dir=./data : Top path of file upload/download.

Build & Run

You can build and run it in the following way.
You can also download the official release version of the built war file.

  • build (Create a war file.)
    $ ./gradlew build
  • run
    $ ./gradlew bootRun
  • build & run 2 (Run the application after building)
    $ ./gradlew clean build && java -jar build/libs/FOSSLight-1.0.0.war
    • Running options
      • Web server port
      • Work Directory (Default : /usr/share/fosslight)
      • Database Connections (Default :
      • log file path

Run from IDE

- Boot Dashboard > local > FOSSLight, (right click) start (Crtl + Alt + Shift + B, R)

Operation check

  • If you connect to http://localhost:8180 from a web browser, the sign in page is displayed.
  • Default account :
    • id : admin, pswd : admin