FOSSLight Binary Scanner

FOSSLight Binary is released under the Apache-2.0. Current python package version. REUSE status

FOSSLight Binary Scanner searches for a binary and outputs OSS information if there is an identical or similar binary from the Binary DB.
It can analyze the open source info. in ‘.jar' file by using Dependency-check-py.

Github Repository :
License : Apache-2.0


📋 Prerequisite

FOSSLight Binary Scanner needs a Python 3.7+.
To use the function to extract OSS information (OSS Name, OSS Version, License) from Binary DB, see the database setting guide.

Java Installation for jar file analysis. (Install Open Source JDK)

🎉 How to install

Method 1. Download the executable file.

Download the executable file suitable for the OS. :

Method 2. Install fosslight_binary based on Python environment.

It can be installed using pip3.

  1. (Only for windows) Install Microsoft Build Tools from > Redistributables packages and Build Tools.
  2. python 3.7 + virtualenv environment setting.
  3. Install the Python package fosslight_binary.
    $ pip3 install fosslight_binary

🚀 How to run

Method 1. If you run it as an executable on windows.

After placing the fosslight_bin_windows.exe file in the path to be analyzed binary, double-click to run it.

Method 2. When executing with command.

$ fosslight_binary [option] <arg>


        -p <binary_path>                    Path to analyze binaries (Default: current directory)
        -h                                  Print help message
        -v                                  Print FOSSLight Binary Scanner version
        -s                                  Extract only the binary list in simple mode
        -o <output_path>                    Output path
                                            (If you want to generate the specific file name, add the output path with file name.)
        -f <format>                         Output file format (excel, csv, opossum, yaml)
        -d <db_url>                         DB Connection(format :'postgresql://username:password@host:port/database_name')
        --notice                            Print the open source license notice text.
        --no_correction                     Enter if you don't want to correct OSS information with sbom-info.yaml
        --correct_fpath <path>              Path to the sbom-info.yaml file

📁 Result

$ tree
├── fosslight_binary_220904_0912.txt
├── fosslight_log_220904_0912.txt
├── fosslight_report_220904_0912.xlsx
└── fosslight_opossum_220904_0912.json

  • fosslight_binary_[datetime].txt : The checksum and tlsh values for each binary.
  • fosslight_log_[datetime].txt : The execution log.
  • fosslight_report_[datetime].xlsx : FOSSLight binary result in FOSSLight Report format.
    • If analyzing jar files, ‘Vernerability Link' Column is added to FOSSLight-Report_[datetime].xlsx file.
  • fosslight_opossum_[datetime].json : FOSSLight binary Scanner result for OpossumUI

🧐 How it works

  1. List up binaries except the following cases.
    1-0. Symbolic link files and FIFO files.
    1-1. The file extension is [‘png', ‘gif', ‘jpg', ‘bmp', ‘jpeg', ‘qm', ‘xlsx', ‘pdf', ‘ico', ‘pptx', ‘jfif', ‘docx', ‘doc', ‘whl', ‘xls', ‘xlsm', ‘ppt', ‘mp4', ‘pyc', ‘plist']
    1-2. The file type is [‘data','timezone data', ‘apple binary property list']
    1-3. The directory is [‘.git']
  2. Check "Exclude" in FOSSLight Report.
    • binary is [‘fosslight_bin', ‘fosslight_bin.exe']
    • directory is ["test", "tests", "doc", "docs"]
    • directory is a hidden directory (directory name starts with .)
  3. Extract checksum and tlsh for each binary.
  4. Load OSS information from Binary DB.
  5. Create output files.