FOSSLight Scanner


FOSSLight Scanner can perform an analysis for open source compliance at once. It can perform open source analysis of source code, binary and dependency. Also, it can check whether an open source complies with the copyright/license writing rule.


Inclusive Scanning
It can detect source code, binary as well as dependency.
Integrated One
It can work from one command line through a single integrated package.
Independent Module
The scanner module can be used independently and lightly.

Scanner Projects

1. FOSSLight Reuse

  • FOSSLight Reuse is a tool that can be used to comply with the copyright/license writing rules in the source code.
  • It checks reuse compliance by using the reuse-tool.

2. FOSSLight Source Scanner

  • FOSSLight Source Scanner uses ScanCode, a source code scanner, to detect the copyright and license phrases contained in the file.
  • It can scan the source code by using the scancode-toolkit and

3. FOSSLight Dependency Scanner

4. FOSSLight Binary Scanner

  • FOSSLight Binary Scanner searches for a binary and outputs OSS information if there is an identical or similar binary from the Binary DB.
  • It can analyze the open source info. in โ€˜.jar' file by using Dependency-check-py.

5. FOSSLight Scanner

  • FOSSLight Scanner performs open source analysis after downloading the source or with the local source path.
  • It can analyze the open source to use FOSSLight Source Scanner, FOSSLight Dependency Scanner and FOSSLight Binary Scanner.