How to set up FOSSLight Binary Scanner Database


To extract OSS information (OSS Name, OSS Version, License) from Database, you need to set up Database.


  1. Install PostgreSQL
  2. How to edit configuration file for remote access : reference link

How to create a database and a table

  1. Create a user and a database
    $ sudo -i -u postgres 
    $ psql
    postgres=# CREATE USER bin_analysis_script_user PASSWORD 'script_123' ;
    postgres=# CREATE DATABASE bat OWNER bin_analysis_script_user ENCODING 'utf-8';
  2. Download fosslight_create.sql file
  1. Create a table
    $ psql -U bin_analysis_script_user -d bat -f fosslight_create.sql

Table schema


Example. Sql query to input data

INSERT INTO public.lgematching (filename, pathname, checksum, tlshchecksum, ossname, ossversion, license, parentname, platformname, platformversion, updatedate, sourcepath) VALUES
('askalono.exe', 'third_party/askalono/askalono.exe', '3f5c6bbf06ddf53a46634bb21691ab0757f3b80c', 'T138267C12BB86A9EDC06AC470878646225B31B4CA0B25BFFF41C455743E6AAF45F3D39C', 'askalono', '', 'Apache-2.0', '[123]windows app project', 'windows', '10', '2021-02-19 17:21:52.430065', 'third_party/src/askalono')  
  • The checksum and tlshchecksum values are output to binary.txt when fosslight_binary is executed.

How to load data from your DB

  • When calling fosslight_binary, write your DB information with the -d option. ex)
    fosslight_binary -p path_to_analyze -d postgresql://username:password@host:port/database_name