OSPO Landscape Project

FOSSLight is included to OSPO landscape project.

FOSSLight is included to OSPO landscape project. The OSPO landscape is intended as a map to explore the OSPO ecosystem. Currently, 177 projects of non-TODO group members as well as TODO group members are registered. FOSSLight Hub has been registered in the OSPO Tool - Licensing category where projects such as OSS Review Toolkit and BLACKDUCK have already been registered.

Release FOSSLight open source project

FOSSLight is released to open source project!

FOSSLight is released to open soure project. FOSSLight Hub is the system for open source compliance, it can manage the open source software, open source license and vulnerabilities. Also it can process the open source compliance process sequentially. You can see the source code of the FOSSLight Hub in the Github repository. And we provide the guide document for FOSSLight Hub and FOSSLight Scanner projects in the FOSSLight guide page. In addition, we are operating a demo site so that you can experience FOSSLight in advance, so please try the features of FOSSLight at a demo site!


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