2022 Open Source Contribution Academy Award

FOSSLight won the Encouragement Award at the 2022 Open Source Contribution Academy.

Following last year, the FOSSLight project participated in 2022 Open Source Contribution Academy this year. The Open Source Contribution Academy is a contribution mentoring program where you can break down entry barriers to open source and experience the open source culture of participating, open, sharing, and collaborating with senior developers by supporting each other’s ‘contributors’. This is a program that has been running steadily for many years. Especially this year, Dongmin Kang, who was a mentee for the FOSSLight project at the Contribution Academy last year, and Soim Kim, the maintainer of the FOSSLight project, served as project mentors this year. As a result of the two mentors and many mentees actively participating and contributing regardless of location, online and offline, we were awarded the President of National IT Industry Promotion Agency. Congratulations to all mentors and mentees!!

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