FOSSLight Scanner


FOSSLight Scanner can perform an analysis for open source compliance at once. It can perform open source analysis of source code, binary and dependency and generate the report that contains the open source information that can be extracted. You can use the report file with FOSSLight Hub. Also, it can check whether an open source complies with the copyright/license writing rule.


Analysis Accuracy

It supports source code string detection and snippet matching, and also supports binary analysis as well as dependency analysis for various package managers to increase the accuracy of open source analysis.

Fast & Light Independent Module

Each scanner can run independently, so you can run only the target you want to scan (ex, source code, binary, dependency) quickly and lightly.

through Hub

Output file of scanners is directly available in the Hub, so you can use the open source information management functions and also generate SBOM.


FOSSLight Scanner Projects inherit other open source projects.

Scanner Projects

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